DS Greenbuild LLC

The interaction between the built environment, our modern lifestyles, and the natural world is one of the most critical issues of our time. Sustaining a livable world for future generations is our ultimate challenge, yet while we have many solutions at hand, not all are readily taken advantage of. This is often either because of a lack of awareness or a simple mystification at the complexity of the problems we face. DS Greenbuild LLC offers assistance in navigating the maze of options that face us at least in regards to the built environment.

Consultation is available in passive energy efficient design of buildings, advisement on high performance mechanical (HVAC) equipment, coordination and review of building energy simulations, selection of environmentally sustainable materials, design for water efficiency, and attention to environmentally sensitive site development. Since the first green building project in 1995, Douglas Snyder, the founder of DS Greenbuild LLC, has accumulated two decades of experience in reviewing green projects which lends to a seasoned, critical, and innovative perspective to help you and your project develop and meet its goals of sustainability.  Please visit the rest of this website and contact DS Greenbuild LLC directly to begin the conversation to elevate your project to its highest level of performance.